Bombastic Language; boon or bane?

big words‘English writing is a bodacious and an exceptionally good linguistic process. The language is deemed as one of the greatest languages humankind had ever formulated. It is a complex concoction of a humongous variety of sentence structures, verbs, tenses, so on and so forth. Having laudable English writing adeptness can make one graciously venerated in the society.’

Well, hold on if you are under the impression that the rest of the article is going to be in the same way as the one above. The lines above are just an indication of how one would feel while going across any writing that’s peppered with such bombastic words. The key purpose lying behind the art of writing is to ensure that whatever we write reaches the common man. Right from the nib of the pen to the peoples’ minds, the journey of language has to be simple, creative and euphonic. But unfortunately, articles and works bearing such pompous language are considered to be the products of creative minds. We have been dwelling in the pool of such naive thinking that we have begun to totally underestimate and stamp any writing that looks simple as something unworthy of reading.

507One fact we need to realize is that there is difference between simple and immature writing. To be more precise, there is a huge difference between writing in a simple way, and putting down words in an immature fashion. Immature writing is writing without understanding what we are writing. Putting it in another way, immature writing is using posh language just to show ourselves off without appreciating the idea of punching in words that are wound with creativity and euphony.

On the other hand, simple writing doesn’t necessarily mean that the writing be drab and lifeless. Complex words may serve as a prerequisite to good writing, as they bring liveliness into the language. And, when used at the appropriate places, they add flavor to the content. However, we need to note that such words have to be in limited number, so that they give energy to the language and at the same time don’t drain the energy out of the reader!

Another precarious thing regarding the blind usage of tough words is that by the time the reader had done with a paragraph of an article or a novel, he would have ended up flicking the pages of the dictionary a dozen times. This not only sickens the readers’ minds, but also kills their interest to move any further. And the result: your literary endeavor experiencing a pathetic meltdown.

And so, the next time you put your pen on the paper and use your creative head, make sure you become a stickler to these simple rules. They enhance not only the brilliance of your writing, but also your relationship with your readers!

mischa-richter-i-wish-they-wouldn-t-put-such-big-words-in-my-speeches-i-like-to-know-wh-new-yorker-cartoonDon’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t say ‘infinitely’ when you mean ‘very’; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite. – C.S.Lewis                     


One comment on “Bombastic Language; boon or bane?

  1. Reader says:

    Nice post. The avoidance of sexist language would be nice, though. I.e. ‘man’ to mean humans/human beings/people/humanity ect. and ‘he’ to mean she or he or one, ect.

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