The Right Moment

Life can be lived two ways. One is to wait all your life for the right moment to arrive. And the other is to make the present moment the right one.

Winners choose the latter.

I remember an interesting analogy about life which I had read somewhere, sometime. It says your life is like an ice cream which you hold in your hand. If you keep staring at it, waiting for the right moment to savour it, it will only melt away without you having tasted even an iota of it.

Life is like that. It goes on no matter what. Life doesn’t wait for you. Whether you are asleep in bed, sitting in front of the TV, talking to your loved ones or following your passion; it keeps moving on. Forging ahead. And one day it will end.

Life is nothing but a rickety stretch of moments. Some moments are good; and some are bad. The idea is to turn most of these moments into the right ones, before life ends.

Most of us are too scared to act, that we choose to wait. We tend to find a deceptive comfort in our wait. We keep waiting for the time to become right; for the situations around us to stabilize. We wait for the right people to come into our lives, so that from their support we think we can do something. We wait for the people around us to become more cooperative and understanding. We wait for the so called ‘wake-up’ call from God, so that we can get started.

We wait for the perfect times, wrapped up with perfections of all sorts. Because we believe that doing things in the ‘perfect’ conditions would undeniably yield positive results; and acting otherwise would only take us upto the brinks of failure. But we fail to realize the simple fact that perfect times don’t arrive. They need to be created.

We do have lot many things juggling in our minds. We have our own ambitions, desires and dreams, which we want to pursue and live life to the fullest.  But we are too scared to pursue them. Because following your passion requires courage, which doesn’t come by waiting, but by acting. We try to convince ourselves, and justify our cowardice by declaring that the present time isn’t just right, and starting now would only mean disaster.

We delay beginning to act, and thereby delay beginning to live.

We cheat our own selves, in an attempt to find comfort in our little zones. But we almost always end up being unaware of the viciousness these ‘little zones’ conceal.

We analyze life too much. We keep thinking, rethinking and over-analyzing our lives that we don’t see it slipping away through our hands.

Life is simple. Find your passion. Pursue it. Fail. Fail again. Fail a number of times. And succeed.

The right moment never arrives. It has never arrived in the entire history of mankind, and it won’t too in the next hundred billion years. Waiting for the right moment would only make us statues.

Life can simply be defined by two rules. Either you win. Or you die. Mediocrity is not meant for winners. And winning is not meant for weaklings.

Sit down. Make a game plan. Write down the things you want to do in your life. Some of them might be done immediately. But some others might require time. Whatever they are, the best time to start with is NOW. You would want to attain unmatchable success in your field of choice; which definitely is not going to happen overnight. There might be cases where you actually need to wait for the right moments to do the right things. But in the end, still, those ‘right things’ for which you chose to wait, can at-least be begun now.

If you start doing the right things now, they can be accomplished in the right moments sooner or later. 


2 comments on “The Right Moment

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you friend, there are many inspirational articles

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