The Trap


Every morning when you open your eyes to the sunshine, you will have two choices. One is the easy one, and the other is the right one.

The word ‘trap’ often reminds me of one important phase an eagle encounters in its life. When the bird reaches the verges of its old age, it flies to a deserted place. And it starts plucking its feathers one by one, which by now had grown into a thick and heavy coat disabling the bird from flying high. The process is excruciatingly painful. The eagle undergoes extreme agony and bleeds during the act.

Once done, the eagle is back to its usual form; the ever enduring grit to touch the sky and kiss the sunshine. The eagle had decided to sacrifice its comfort temporarily and go through the pain. It was determined to do the extra stretch in order to battle through the burdensome ordeal of its own body. It could foresee the repercussions which would swallow it if at all it had not dared to suffer.

The eagle had decided to avoid the trap.

The trap I am talking about here is the ever common factor that unfortunately, governs most of our lives. We know what it is. And we also know it is dangerous. But the soothe it offers is so intoxicating that we tend to neglect the possibilities that would emerge in the future, and foolishly and knowingly delve into the cozy tentacles of the present.

The ‘trap’ is not the problems which we face in our lives, but a lethal zone of temporary ease which gulps us down in the end. It is the trap of the so called ‘comfort’. The ‘comfort’ which most of us experience in our usual lives is no real comfort at all, but pseudo. It makes us feel we are moving ahead, but in reality we are stationary. The bitter thing is most people realize this only in the end, after everything is over.

We choose to extinguish our own selves, though slowly, but surely, only because we are too scared to take the extra mile. To move forward. We are addicted to the comfort most situations offer to us. But we fail to realize that such comforts conceal a vicious bug that only deteriorates our lives.

We become victims of procrastination, self-doubt and fear.

And in the end, on our deathbeds, all we wish is to have had avoided the trap. To have taken more risks. To have ignored the negative voices of the world around and listened to the beats of our own hearts. To have defined our own lives rather than letting others define them. To have followed our passion with courage. To have done things differently when the rest of the world did what everyone did.

To have lived, than have merely existed.

The biggest tragedy in life is regret. Regret is painful, and it is terrible to end our lives with it. It is heartbreaking to even imagine becoming desperate for living when life itself is seeping out of us.

Life sets a lot of traps. Of course, that’s how life is. A life with no traps is as good as no life at all. It is our duty to ensure we are strong enough to avoid them.

Imagine yourself travelling alone on a lonely road. The weather is extremely hot. All you have with you is a a big can of water. You sip it now and then to quench your recurring thirst. And then, at the far end, you see an enormous pool of water. Your heart jumps in joy with the discovery. You empty the entire can in a single gulp, since now you don’t feel any more shortage of water. As you pace ahead, a bitter realization pricks you. It was just a mirage.

Traps are like that. They deceive you. They give you a hope, which is false, and then kick you in your gut in the end.

Let’s choose to break free from the shackles of life. Let’s choose to travel where our hearts take us. Let’s not allow the negative world around us to pen our testimonials.

Let’s choose to avoid the trap.

Most of us are too busy listening to the voices of the people around that we don’t hear the beats of our own hearts. 


2 comments on “The Trap

  1. T.H.MOHAN RAO says:

    How true!! really our so called comforts are our traps. the analogy with the eagle, which shreds its thick sheet of feathers (which once was a pride and useful to it for its own survival), in the process undergoing enormous pain, and not caring for it, in order to rejuvenate its life and thus start a new beginning, is INCREDIBLY good!!

    Again, it is also equally true that the comforts we ‘feel’ on a daily basis, are like mirages, which make us feel and believe that they are good for us, while the truth is exactly the opposite.

    Let’s all be wary of these so called comforts, and continuously and cautiously guard ourselves against the danger of these ‘comforts’ pushing us into the well of life…let’s not get trapped in these traps…

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