Skill to do comes of doing – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet

We have dreams. And we want to achieve them. We have our own ambitions which we are proud of. We all want to make a distinct mark of ourselves in this ever-expanding groove of human race. We want to be recognised. We want to be touched by victory and admired by people.

The mere thought of fulfilling our dreams fills us with immense enthusiasm. The very idea of plunging into the process of working for our dreams excites us to gigantic levels.

We visualise, we contemplate; of ourselves standing tall on the podium of life, gazing into the distant past, and being happy that we had worked hard to avoid regrets.

We make plans to accomplish what we had dreamt of. We take numerous resolutions to stay disciplined and stick to the basic rules for success. We get inspired seeing someone from our own field win.

Most of us are sticklers to all these. But then, why is it that only a handful of us make it big?  Why is it that only a few of us manage to conquer the negatives and sail towards the radiant shores of success? Why is that most of us remain the same, just lingering between the slimy threads of mediocrity?

The reason is, when the mediocre keep thinking of ‘what’ is to be done and ‘if’ it has to be done, the winning lot actually DO it.

They DO things.

Want to chase your dreams? DO it. And DO it right now.





2 comments on “Do

  1. Absolutely outstanding writing–Quality generally non-existent on the free web.

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