Why blame game is a bad game

The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others. – Don Shula, Football Coach

One of the cheapest human qualities is to blame others. And one of the most tragic human weaknesses is the inability to take the blame. 

Almost all of the endeavours of today comprise of teams. You take sport, entertainment, politics, business enterprises, publishing, IT etc.; all of these demand complete dedication and contribution from each and every single person in the team. And irrespective of the efforts put in by a team or an individual, failures happen.

What is important is to ensure these failures don’t become lethal pitfalls on our career paths. And that will be possible only when the quality of taking the blame is imbibed by our veins.

The world does not consist of all leaders. It is the mediocre and narrow minded thinkers who carve out the major chunk of mankind. So when something wrong crops up, most of the people around will get down to the finger-pinpointing business. Only a handful would be willing to take the blame.

Taking the blame is just the beginning. Once that is done, the immediate repercussions at times may not be sweet. Instead of acknowledging your courage to step forward and take responsibility, most people around begin their useless rounds of reprimands. Instead of focusing on what is to be done, they become more interested in lamenting and giving tons and tons of advices which they themselves may have never followed in their lives. (If they had, most of the failures wouldn’t happen in the first place) Such people tend to become bossy. Very soon they begin to act as if they are a unique kind of individuals having descended from heaven, who know all the right things and haven’t committed a single mistake in their entire lives.

And very soon, they vanish.

In the long run, only those who have the nerves to step forward to take responsibility stay, both in the minds of people and in the testimonials of mankind. The rest depart. They will be forgotten. The world is meant only for the gutsy. Not for the gutless and the weak.

Fleeing from responsibility is the habit of the timid, whereas embracing it is an attribute of the intrepid. 

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