The uncharted waters

Life is like a 10-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use. – Charles Schulz, Cartoonist

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Image Credits :

Each one of us is a gigantic storehouse of flair and talent. We have that vast sea within us, a mammoth body of possibilities, which is waiting to be harnessed by our ignited minds. We have within us the power to do and get whatever we want.

But then, why is it that only a few amongst us manage to make it big? Why is it that the major chunk of the society mostly lingers in mediocrity and is afraid to face Change?

It is because, most of us are too scared to explore the uncharted waters of our own oceans of talent. We are so thoughtlessly immersed into the habit of following the herd, that we seldom realize we possess abilities we never knew; and that our bodily vehicles have gears we never used.

One of the biggest tragedies of life is to leave this world with our reservoir of talents left unknown and unused. Of course, what good it is to think of travelling places in the world outside when we haven’t travelled enough within?

Image Credits :

Image Credits :


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