5 Things I Want To Tell To All Those ‘Men’ Who Expect Dowry

Dear reader, firstly forgive me for one thing. Forgive me for calling such men, men. My inability to come up with a proper derogatory word for such people makes me do this.

The act of taking dowry has become so commonplace that it doesn’t incite any reaction from either of the parties (the bride’s family and the groom’s family); at-least most of the times. We have been so blindly believing this mindless act of folly to be a part of our culture, that we have forgotten to question – to question those so called men who view women as items and see marriage as a way for quick money.

So if you are a male reading this who happens to expect dowry, then these are the five things I would like to tell you.

1. Please. Stop Dreaming. You Are Not A Man.

This is just a friendly attempt to bring you back to reality. Seriously. You are not a man. Your manhood was lost the moment you thought taking dowry was okay. I empathize with you. I know this is a tough time for you. I understand how it feels when you suddenly realize that you have been living in a fantasy land all along, where you have been thinking you were a man. But I am sorry, my friend. You are not a man. This is the truth.

2. Your School, College Certificates And All; Flush Them Down The Toilet 

Frankly speaking, education is not something that gives you certificates, but something that gives you brains. And since you seem to be in terrible lacking of the latter, the certificates you carry don’t really hold any meaning.

So what do you do with something that doesn’t hold any meaning? Flush it down the toilet. Or you can toss it in the garbage bin too. As per your convenience.

3. Question God

Questioning is the basis of human existence. But sometimes, we turn out to be so idiotic that we will have to question our own existence. So question God. Ask him why he had sent a person like you onto this earth. Ask him why he hadn’t thought for a second before giving a life to you. And also ask him why he had marred the beauty of mankind by putting you in it.

There is nothing wrong in questioning. When something undesirable to humanity happens, we question God. Probably that’s the reason you should question God.

4.  Join A Mental Institution 

Logically speaking, only people whose brains don’t function properly live in mental institutions. And for a person’s brain to not function properly, he needs to have one in the first place. But it’s fine, you can be an exception here.

5. Spread Awareness 

Once you have fully realised and understood what you actually are, get into the noble pursuit of spreading awareness. Just like you, there will be other ‘men’ (most of them would be your peers) who would be living a life without realisation. Go to them. Sit with them. And explain to them. Make them understand that they have been thinking they are men, but are not so in actuality.


Please Note : The above lines mean no hatred towards the men who expect dowry. They rather show sympathy. Of course, we can’t hate or disdain mentally ill people, can we? We only have to show them a way through sympathy and understanding. 









2 comments on “5 Things I Want To Tell To All Those ‘Men’ Who Expect Dowry

  1. mohanth2260 says:


    it’s just awesome…great thought..let’s believe, the so-called men who expect and demand dowry will have the audacity and conviction to convert your thought into an act of a firm resolution, leading to an all-out fight against this social menace, more dreadful than most other social disorders combined.. The act of first expecting and then demanding and finally coercing the bride’s family for dowry is undeniably demolishing the values of our great heritage to the core, by trouncing the dreams of many innocent lives, putting a big question mark on our so-called claims that we are extending equal respect to the girls and women of this country. The five things you shared deserve to be highlighted everywhere…

    I congratulate you for your forthright observations… and would like to see you as one who sets the best example by practicing what you have attempted to preach…..

    All the best…Nanna

    On 11/4/14, English, the beautiful language.

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