When (A Poem)


When loneliness becomes an accomplice,

And gloom turns a regular visitor;

When quitting appears to be the only way,

Making me wish life was simpler.


When the world heedlessly turns away,

And loved ones love no more;

When agony becomes a way of life,

Striking me hard at the core.


When existence seems meaningless,

And all hope seems lost;

When criticism and mockery and ridicule,

Are what life can offer at its best.


When society brands me a failure,

A fool, a loser and an imbecile;

When I break down over and over,

Struggling to strengthen my weakening will.


When my eyes have nothing to offer,

But melancholy and unceasing tears;

When my mind slips into inexorable darkness,

And gets lost in the vast abyss of fears.


That is when I will fight back,

Rising from the nadirs of despair;

For it’s not mere blood that travels my body,

But grit and valour and a desire to dare.


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