The Woman From The Sky

I sit on the cold earth, allowing my gaze to go astray into the starry night sky. I see the galaxy we are in, the light from it meandering through the many stars like spilt milk.

The weather is calm. Serene. The wind is gentle. The only sound I can hear is the infinitely distant sound of the universe moving. Or maybe it’s the very sound of my own mind dancing in silent introspection.

Gazing into the cosmos, I think of my grandfather. I think of the countless nights we had spent together basking in the majesty of the heavens up above. He always told me the universe was a keyhole to our past that held answers to our future; that when you look up into the night sky, you’re actually looking billions of years into the past, and that the stars we see today are but the stars that once existed billions of years ago.

Thinking of all this, I feel small. But I feel big too, because grandfather also told that not only are we in the universe, but the universe is also within us.

Right then, in the midst of the whirlpool of my thoughts, I glance at something in the night sky. Or is it someone? I see a figure, which only disappears in a fraction, only to reappear as a face. Its elegance is so powerful that I see no more of the galaxy I was once looking at so passionately. I feel enraptured. Enthralled. And scared. Its magnificence is so intense that I slip into delirium.

I still sit on the cold earth, frozen with disbelief. Then I see the face descending. Slowly. And taking the shape of a woman. An angel incarnate, I must say. She lands on the ground, and leaves a trail of stars behind.

Transfixed and stupefied, I try to get onto my feet. But I fail. I realise I cannot move. And I see the woman standing still. She is nothing but a figure shrouded with blinding luminance.

She stands still for what seems like eternity. I stay scared, perplexed about what’s happening before me.

Then something happens. What was a gentle breeze turns into a violent gust. The woman before me explodes into tiny fragments which fly away with the gale, only to mix with the unending cosmos far above.

It all happens faster than I could think. Even before I could bat my eyelids, making me wonder if it had happened at all.

I stand up and feel the cold earth beneath my feet. I look around. Everything is as it had been before. I look up at the night sky. I think of the stars grandfather had told me about, and of the woman that had come from them.

I then turn around and walk away. The universe is mysterious. And so am I.


5 Things I Want To Tell To All Those ‘Men’ Who Expect Dowry

Dear reader, firstly forgive me for one thing. Forgive me for calling such men, men. My inability to come up with a proper derogatory word for such people makes me do this.

The act of taking dowry has become so commonplace that it doesn’t incite any reaction from either of the parties (the bride’s family and the groom’s family); at-least most of the times. We have been so blindly believing this mindless act of folly to be a part of our culture, that we have forgotten to question – to question those so called men who view women as items and see marriage as a way for quick money.

So if you are a male reading this who happens to expect dowry, then these are the five things I would like to tell you.

1. Please. Stop Dreaming. You Are Not A Man.

This is just a friendly attempt to bring you back to reality. Seriously. You are not a man. Your manhood was lost the moment you thought taking dowry was okay. I empathize with you. I know this is a tough time for you. I understand how it feels when you suddenly realize that you have been living in a fantasy land all along, where you have been thinking you were a man. But I am sorry, my friend. You are not a man. This is the truth.

2. Your School, College Certificates And All; Flush Them Down The Toilet 

Frankly speaking, education is not something that gives you certificates, but something that gives you brains. And since you seem to be in terrible lacking of the latter, the certificates you carry don’t really hold any meaning.

So what do you do with something that doesn’t hold any meaning? Flush it down the toilet. Or you can toss it in the garbage bin too. As per your convenience.

3. Question God

Questioning is the basis of human existence. But sometimes, we turn out to be so idiotic that we will have to question our own existence. So question God. Ask him why he had sent a person like you onto this earth. Ask him why he hadn’t thought for a second before giving a life to you. And also ask him why he had marred the beauty of mankind by putting you in it.

There is nothing wrong in questioning. When something undesirable to humanity happens, we question God. Probably that’s the reason you should question God.

4.  Join A Mental Institution 

Logically speaking, only people whose brains don’t function properly live in mental institutions. And for a person’s brain to not function properly, he needs to have one in the first place. But it’s fine, you can be an exception here.

5. Spread Awareness 

Once you have fully realised and understood what you actually are, get into the noble pursuit of spreading awareness. Just like you, there will be other ‘men’ (most of them would be your peers) who would be living a life without realisation. Go to them. Sit with them. And explain to them. Make them understand that they have been thinking they are men, but are not so in actuality.


Please Note : The above lines mean no hatred towards the men who expect dowry. They rather show sympathy. Of course, we can’t hate or disdain mentally ill people, can we? We only have to show them a way through sympathy and understanding. 








Types of people in Chennai city buses

Travelling in Chennai buses is as hard as getting a cat to tell about its day while flossing its teeth*. No, I don’t mean the ticket rates here (although they keep fluctuating at crazy levels).

I am talking about something else altogether.

If you had ever travelled in a white board (or green board, or blue board, or any board for that matter) bus somewhere between 8 and 9 AM in the morning of a weekday, you probably should have understood what I am talking about. And you probably should be yearning to scroll down the page now.

And if you haven’t yet travelled, then let this be an instruction manual to you.

India is a diverse country with a variety of cultures and people. And so are Chennai buses. The kind of people you encounter in a normal bus inspires you NOT to board a bus again in your life. There are different kinds of people travelling. And I thought I could do some social service by arranging them in a few categories and enlightening you with the effects and side effects you will have to go through if, by chance, you rub your shoulders with them.

The Ambitious guys 

‘Ambitious’ is definitely not a proper word to define this kind of people. As of now, my miniature vocabulary doesn’t leave me with a better option. (If you have a better word, do suggest)

These people form the topmost strata of the most irritating human beings on earth. Their actions are great motivators to right-on-the-face smacks and five-fingered slaps. Their main aim is to bag a seat, and they don’t mind barging into a bus (whether it’s moving or stationary) even through it’s windows. Their weaponry consists of handkerchiefs, handbags etc., and sometimes even their own chappals, (Yes, you read that right), which are violently placed on the seat. And once that is done, they radiate a grin of accomplishment. (If bagging seats in local buses is  considered an accomplishment, then we should be a highly developed nation by now)

I had this experience once.

I boarded a crammed bus on the way to college. Bought the ticket and stood in the crowd. A couple of stops later, an old man from a nearby seat vacated. As I sliced in to sit, another guy stopped me.

‘I have been standing here from even before you came.’ He said.

Seriously, a two year old kid with his lollipop taken away would put up a much matured fight. Sigh.

The Techies 

Not all from this category wear the ‘Mr. Annoying’ badge. Some are really pleasant and dignified. But there are some individuals whose levels of annoyance make your adrenaline shoot over your head. And the reason? Yes, I am getting there.

These people just cannot live without their smartphones. Even they might somehow manage without a heart or a liver, but gadgets? They are a must. Neck coiled around with wires, hands carrying phones and tablets bigger than them, and ninety percent of their brains engrossed in touching and tapping (The rest ten percent doesn’t really exist, I suppose). They are so terribly victimized by technological slavery, that the conductor should be from Arnab Goswami’s lineage in order to make them hear him asking the money for tickets.

Techies are of two types : Type A and Type B

Type A

These are the decent and tolerable ones. Well dressed, neatly groomed and modest. And bearable enough to mind their own businesses.

Type B

I presume you are rolling up your shirt sleeves or busting your fists now, as these guys sometimes surpass the ‘ambitious’ guys in terms of irritability. These are the ones with a shabby hair standing out in a thousand different directions, and insanely coloured (their hairs have more colours than the official business colour palette of Asian Paints). Sometimes you feel it is not hair that they have got, but the murky end of a floor mop that has been inverted over their heads.

Wait, the worst is yet to come.

Their under garments are placed way below their hips, and their pants are stuck even below. (Well, I am not interested in telling where). The most disgusting part is their interest in showing off their innerwears to each and every passenger in the bus. How they think that everyone would quit what they are doing and gaze at their underwears with microscopic eyes, I fail to understand.

Okay, now let’s move on to the next category.

The mmm mouthed guys 

These people feel they are carrying seventy percent (sometimes hundred) of the world’s problems on their heads. Their is this perpetual frown on their face and their lips are impeccably horizontal; as if someone has driven a nail through their jaws.

And yes, they are insanely hostile. You ask them time, they give you a look as if you had asked them a part of their fortune. You hand them your bag if you are standing, they stare at you as if you are a most-wanted terrorist who needs to be thrown in jail. Sometimes it feels as if they had left their brains at home in a  hurry. Seriously.

The Drunkards 

You sit beside them, you are doomed. You let them sit beside you, you are double-doomed. ‘Triple-doomed’ happens if they open their mouths to ask you something. Half of India’s garbage bins reside in their gums. Their teeth suggest you that they had had tar and charcoal for breakfast. Their hair would be a heavenly abode to the insect kingdom. So to say, it appears as if they had been boozing, and remained bath-less since ten years. (And if you continue to sit beside them, you will end up having required to take bath continuously for ten years)

The Hangmen 

This category consists of one of the ‘bravest’ souls of our motherland. If you ask me, they should be conferred with some ‘bravery’ award for the courageous display of their skills (hanging from the bus like lunatics, yelling like maniacs, jumping like retards, etc).  This kind of people have two brains. One is gone and the other is out searching for it. They believe they are the descendants of Superman or Krrish. They stand when the bus is standing, and jump into it when it starts moving. Feet sometimes on the foot-board, and sometimes in the air, and their hands tightly clutched around the window bars. A slight slip would reduce them into a crimson pulp in between the fat tyres of the bus.

(But then, forget not to ‘salute’ their ‘bravado’)

The Sacrificial Lambs 

Contrary to the types of people mentioned above, sacrificial lambs are the innocent ones. They generally are found stuck near the ladies’ side (where the conductor sits), and it seems that every passenger who is standing wants to get the ticket through him. Sometimes the frequency and intensity of ticket-transactions become so taxing that they feel terrible for having boarded the bus in the first place. (From my very own experience)

*Conditions Apply. Conditions include the bus being jam-packed, the weather being sunny and the traffic being at its peak. 

So yes, in my three years of bus-travelling experience on Chennai roads, these are the major types of people I had encountered. You think their exists any other type also? Comment right away!

The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging

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I was quite sure that I would never become a successful blogger. I created some blogs on various platforms, but I never had the patience to build an audience. The thing is that I never asked myself whether I had something worth writing about on an almost daily basis. I think this is something a lot of bloggers struggle with. What’s worth sharing? What’s considered useful information? Also, I believe that a lot of writers simply focus too much on trying to come up with an original idea for a blog, a new…

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