When (A Poem)


When loneliness becomes an accomplice,

And gloom turns a regular visitor;

When quitting appears to be the only way,

Making me wish life was simpler.


When the world heedlessly turns away,

And loved ones love no more;

When agony becomes a way of life,

Striking me hard at the core.


When existence seems meaningless,

And all hope seems lost;

When criticism and mockery and ridicule,

Are what life can offer at its best.


When society brands me a failure,

A fool, a loser and an imbecile;

When I break down over and over,

Struggling to strengthen my weakening will.


When my eyes have nothing to offer,

But melancholy and unceasing tears;

When my mind slips into inexorable darkness,

And gets lost in the vast abyss of fears.


That is when I will fight back,

Rising from the nadirs of despair;

For it’s not mere blood that travels my body,

But grit and valour and a desire to dare.


Jump, and the Net will Appear

The problem is not that most people don’t know how to succeed. The problem is that they don’t really want to.

Some of us are scared of heights. Some of us are scared of darkness. Some of us are scared of deep oceans. Some of us are scared of Mathematics. Some of us are scared of speaking in front of an audience. Some of us are scared of socializing with someone new. And some of us are scared of expressing our views in public.

But then, there is one thing which beats all the above mentioned fears in commonality. It is as common as an early bird feeding on a worm or a river flowing down its path to merge with the great ocean.

It is the fear of taking risks.

The fear of taking risks is a bit different from the everyday fears we have.The existence of the latter does not really matter much in shaping our lives. But the former, its mere existence itself is so lethal that it can drag you back, hit you hard and knock you out cold. This fear when left unattended grows into a vicious virus eating you away little by little, each passing day, absolutely without your knowledge. And one fine day when you are grown old enough, you turn back to look at your life and you find that the moments worth treasuring would be so few that you can count them on your fingertips. (I can’t imagine a worse tragedy than that)

Most of us have been raised with a kind of thinking which obstructs or frightens us from taking risks. Since childhood, we have always been taught to play it safe, and the idea of taking chances was downright discouraged. There have even been times when risk-taking was viewed as an act of insanity performed by individuals who don’t have a clear idea about life.

We are afraid to take that leap. The fear of failure; of being stranded on an unknown island with no ships passing by holds us back.  We forget to realize that opportunities present themselves only when we tread far. Sometimes we get lost. But only when we get lost, do we get to discover new horizons.

We are so in a hurry to get settled and earn a living, that, we seldom remember to live. We are too scared to lead a life out of the ordinary. We do know stories of great individuals who had not backed down while taking risks, and had accomplished much. We know everything about success, and what needs to be done in order to become great achievers. We know. But we are too scared to act.

Taking risks is for sure going to put you in the minority. No doubt about that. You will end up as the laughing-stock of the town. Criticism and ridicules become your everyday guests. Discouragement and a hell lot of negativity would make a daily appearance at your doorstep. People around will label you as insane. At times you will be left alone and it will seem the entire world has turned against you. But then, all these things are the ones that create champions.

Champions are not born out of pancakes. But of hard stone.

Taking risks is a habit of the strong. Weaklings and cowards are the ones who wither with the very idea of taking the leap of faith. They are too scared to dare rise above mediocrity.

Magic happens outside the boundaries. Outside your limits. Break free of the shackles. Don’t let the meaningless and outdated adages of life chain you.

As a great man had once said, ‘Ships at the harbour are safe. But that’s not what ships are meant for.’

Jump, and the net will appear. Well, what if it doesn’t? You will die. As simple as that. For that kind of death is far more glorious than a life lived as a coward.