The Woman From The Sky

I sit on the cold earth, allowing my gaze to go astray into the starry night sky. I see the galaxy we are in, the light from it meandering through the many stars like spilt milk.

The weather is calm. Serene. The wind is gentle. The only sound I can hear is the infinitely distant sound of the universe moving. Or maybe it’s the very sound of my own mind dancing in silent introspection.

Gazing into the cosmos, I think of my grandfather. I think of the countless nights we had spent together basking in the majesty of the heavens up above. He always told me the universe was a keyhole to our past that held answers to our future; that when you look up into the night sky, you’re actually looking billions of years into the past, and that the stars we see today are but the stars that once existed billions of years ago.

Thinking of all this, I feel small. But I feel big too, because grandfather also told that not only are we in the universe, but the universe is also within us.

Right then, in the midst of the whirlpool of my thoughts, I glance at something in the night sky. Or is it someone? I see a figure, which only disappears in a fraction, only to reappear as a face. Its elegance is so powerful that I see no more of the galaxy I was once looking at so passionately. I feel enraptured. Enthralled. And scared. Its magnificence is so intense that I slip into delirium.

I still sit on the cold earth, frozen with disbelief. Then I see the face descending. Slowly. And taking the shape of a woman. An angel incarnate, I must say. She lands on the ground, and leaves a trail of stars behind.

Transfixed and stupefied, I try to get onto my feet. But I fail. I realise I cannot move. And I see the woman standing still. She is nothing but a figure shrouded with blinding luminance.

She stands still for what seems like eternity. I stay scared, perplexed about what’s happening before me.

Then something happens. What was a gentle breeze turns into a violent gust. The woman before me explodes into tiny fragments which fly away with the gale, only to mix with the unending cosmos far above.

It all happens faster than I could think. Even before I could bat my eyelids, making me wonder if it had happened at all.

I stand up and feel the cold earth beneath my feet. I look around. Everything is as it had been before. I look up at the night sky. I think of the stars grandfather had told me about, and of the woman that had come from them.

I then turn around and walk away. The universe is mysterious. And so am I.