Why your luck is in your hands

DISCLAIMER : Saying your luck is in your hands in no way means that the stuff below is about Astrology. Astrology is bullshit and the author of this post always stays away from it.

I am a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it. – Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the USA

How great would it be if every day were a lucky day for us? How amazing life would become if every moment we live is constantly under the spell of fortune? If only we had ‘lucky’ written all over our faces, would it have been possible to do things we had always wanted, when we wanted.

But the sad part is, stuff like that is not possible. Right?


Then why is it that some people get what they want without much of effort while others, despite relentless toiling and twisting for years, still end up having something which they don’t like? Is it luck that governs their lives? Is it that serendipities play a vital role in our lives? And do they alone dictate our destinies?

Let me explain this with something I had come across recently.

A study conducted by University College London revealed why and how we are the creators of our own luck. The project asked several people to submit their stories of fortune and success and then scrutinized the stories which had boiled down to two findings.

None of the people had engineered the fortunes that had come their way. And all of them had two things in common. One was that they could interpret and identify the opportunities that crossed their paths, and two, they had made use of their minds to bag those opportunities at the right time. These opportunities, which seemed to present themselves out of thin air without any apparent rhyme or reason, had resulted in more good events which made the people think they had become ‘lucky’.

Of course, those people had become lucky. Only that they chose to become so. They made choices and took decisions to grab the opportunities, as a result of which much more good things had materialized.

 ‘Making’ choices and ‘taking’ decisions are actions. And by taking action, these people had turned out to become the creators of their luck, and the masters of their destiny.

The same applies to you, me and any other individual under the sun with flesh and bone. Our luck, mostly, lies in our own hands.

Numerous opportunities, I repeat, numerous opportunities present themselves daily. Some are trifling that we take no notice of them. And some are big, but a mind bogged down with negativity and despondence cannot recognize them. An open and positive mind, on the other hand, has the ability to identify opportunities that are concealed even in the thickens of monotony.

The reason why some people around call you lucky for your success is because they cannot digest the fact that you are successful, and are more inclined towards bringing you down by belittling your efforts using the term ‘lucky’. Praising you for your efforts is an alien habit to them. They are just too unbelievably amazed with the enormity of your achievements, that they tend to see you through the envious eye.

And such people constantly mouthing about luck is nothing but a deliberate attempt to cover up their laziness and justify their failures. Phrases like ‘You just got lucky’ or ‘Bad luck is just hovering above my head’ or ‘My time is bad’ seldom fail to eject from their lips. Pointless criticism and futile justification of their setbacks seem to be the cornerstones of their life and living.

So to say, the concept of luck has only negligible value in any format of success. And if one can muster his grit and discipline, he can change, or rather create his own version of luck.

Yes. Your luck is in your own hands.